You can hire me per hour to consult you.

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I know what you need to know. 

I love to teach people how to avoid being scammed by internet companies. I not only save you time, hassles & money. It is my job to show you how to make more money online. I take that very seriously. I can help on all levels from a once in a while phone call to full time support system. I can be the guy to show you how to tackle the internet without having to learn it or I can be your teacher.  I can visit your physical location if you are in the Southeast PA, NJ, DE, or MD area or we can do the phone call thing. Up to you now. I am here if you need me.  

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Web marketing can be confusing.

I can help you navigate that ship while you focus on what you do best. You can trust me to handle your online needs or you can hire me by the hour to give you some short cuts to handling it yourself. I always guarantee satisfaction. If you dont find our conversation informative and useful than please just let me know and I will credit the time back. %0 Risk to you. 

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I want to be your friend in the web business.

Dealing with web firms can be confusing & costly. I can remove much of that confusion with my experiance. I am eash going & open minded. I have a passion for web services that can be of benifit to you I am sure. I will value your business by treating it with respect. 

I will strive to make it affordable again to fill your local service schedule or promote a local product / service for you. Find out more about me with a simple click below.

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