Graphic Design Services

I can handle everything from logos & websites, to print ads & billboards.

Ruff Mind design is a simple graphic design solution.

We will take photos for you or your crew or product in action or you can sent them to us. We then put them through Photoshop for our perfectionist to workover.  We size them & file them according to usage.  Ready for a web logo, business card, or a billboard of record size and proportion. We can make it happen for you.
Ps. We will even photoshop your head on a sexy body or maybe put your competitors head on a donkey. (for your personal collection of course.) 

 It's Your call to make. 

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Drafting Logo's or BOGO's

We can create anything from simply stylish logos to one day sale flyers.  

Any way you want it. That the way you need it. Any way you want it. ~ Journey

We can work with or supply your photos

Ok we dont need to over think this part to much. Its just graphics design. We do it alll the time. We like doing it. We find it theraputic & fun. We still charge for it because we have familys to feed & support. But we will enjoy sending you all the samples you like for a small fee.

Trust in a guy that's with you all the way

30% Complete
From start to finish, step by step