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Below is a copy & paste from Google.

A NOTE FROM GOOGLE ~ "Don't feel obligated to purchase a search engine optimization service. Some companies claim to "guarantee" high ranking for your site in Google's search results. While legitimate consulting firms can improve your site's flow and content, others employ deceptive tactics in an attempt to fool search engines. Be careful; if your domain is affiliated with one of these deceptive services, it could be banned from our index."

I am not on that deceptive services list. I am just not that kind of guy. If someone GUARANTEES PLACEMENT; that is a sign your web service might be UNETHICAL.

I teach you how to get new customers to find you & Protect you from unethical web service companies..

You can skip the whole reading of my website thing if you want. Just CONTACT ME here or call 267-521-2232. I won't tell anyone you saved time. The guy who answers the phone is nice. He gets lonley  & likes a good business conversation.

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Localized web services. Simple, Ethical & responsable pricing.

Below is a sample of services provided by the team. 

Branding / Marketing

Simplistic & creative branding, Going local or national? If you have a business model we can help you plan to market it online & GET NOTICED. 

We can create a website from scratch or model your site based on "someones" exsisting site. We are not going to say the word "sucsessful competitor". 

We can build and help you maintain a solid facebook following & presence. We can help you build relevant posts & generate likes or followers for you.

Bryan can protect you from being overcharged for online marketing services. He can be your consultant when they want to bill you "EXTRA" or have some new costly idea. He can let you know if it is worth doing or not.

Google Geo is the way to go. 60% or more people are now using mobile devices with Google to find what they need. We put your site in the focus of the Google user search on desktop & mobile.

Geography is always key. Proven sucsessful Local marking campagnes that are duplicated for your companies growth targets. A great way to promote & grow your company online. 

QR codes or Simple texting groups. We can market to your exisiting customer base or reach out to new ones. Mobile phone marketing is the best way to reach new customers or get in touch with your regulars for the least amout of money.

We can mock photos in house. From new logo's to BIG print marketing. Perhaps you want to take on your competition through photos? You could even have a family photo with a lost loved one added to it. Whatever the case we can help. 

Some "VSO" Private Stock. I also sell, buy and trade domain names. For a list of avalible domains for sale click here. 

Every web service you need is a phone call away.

Simple Marketing.

I can give fast results, statistics & updates for any marketing campaign. I can give you some control over your website on your pc or phone if requested.  Give me a call to see what else my team can do for you.

Local Focused Web Design

From site concept to marketing we can handle it. If you just want a simple one time fee business card style website we will do that for under $599. One time fee. No monthly's. 

Reputation Management

Like... Don't Like... Reviews....  good or bad.
All can be used to your advantage if you keep an open mind. When your company deals with many customers; a bad review is almost unavoidable. Dont let it get you down you. Call me, get it under control. 

Trust in a guy that's with you all the way

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