Local online marketing for local companies.

You'll our simple concepts & pricing.

I put the power of marketing your company online; back into your hands.

Smart phones & apps have gotten so advanced that they can litteraly put the control of your customers, marketing, data, money & schedule into the palm of your hand. Let us help set you up & show you how to unleash that mobile marketing power. Call us soon to find out why this is the best way to go when your a local company. 

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Kickstart your web presence FAST!!!

We can have a website up and running in under 48 hours if you are ready. We can mock up your site, have it submitted to Google, Bing etc... We also setup your new marketing account with Google, Facebook or other specialty market groups. Give us a call and find out more about a setup focused on you, your customers & what you do. Let us show you the RUFF MINDED way.

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Local online marketing is key.

Smaller local companies don't need as much attention to search engine optimization as a larger company. You shouldn't pay what they pay. Sometimes just a few dollars spent directly with Google adwords can fill a monthly schedule. We can help you claim your business & setup your Google accounts. We can mentor you on how to maintin your own marketing for the best ROI online. We will simplify the way you look at online advertising. 

We will make it affordable again to fill a local service schedule or promote a local product. Find out more with a simple call.

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Trust in a guy that's with you all the way

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