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Lower your costs, Get focused on your customers needs, Work with GEO LOCAL terms customers use in search. Remember they are not the professionals. They may not use the keywords the way you do. This is just one area where I fit in. 

Bryan Ruff - Website Marketing Consultant.

Bryan has been working on-line since the days of dial-up. He built his first website for his own local contracting trade over 18 years ago. He understood the need for cheap localized internet advertising & used it to his great advantages. Now he wants to help your company get noticed the same way he did his own. Most importantly he wants to make sure your not being taken advantage of by your current online marketing company. The call will be worth your time. 

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I can protect you from them.

I specialize in focused local internet marketing. I can protect you from the nomenclature (terms) & confusion the others throw your way. 

You should know what they know. I can show you the way to NEW customers without giving away all your profits finding them. 

Give me a call or drop me a message. It really is the only way to stop waisting your valuable time & Money. Lets get things started for real. 

Trust in a guy that's with you all the way

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