If you're a small local company paying a contract for your monthly SEO you are WAISTING YOUR MONEY! It's the wrong way. 


Online Marketing

Specialising in Geo located marketing. We will get your company noticed in your area or any target areas you choose in your field. You will be amazed how cheap we can do this for you. We can also get you setup to control your own campain from your smartphone if you are so inclined. 

Web Design


I guess you already know that now. Well instead af charging you crazy monthly fees we will charge you upfront for a website you own. Thats important for your brand protection. Dont be taken by other web design companys that charge large monthlys or try to hijack your domain name. 


Put the power of Google in your own hands. We will show you how to setup & monitor your own marketing campaings. Give us a call and find out why we are different when it come to web service companies. Reason #1~ You will not get any BULLSH*T.  You will not have your time wasted. We offer straight forward & affordable web services here. 

Trust in a guy that's with you all the way

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